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ADA Services
SIZ Construction is proud to offer accessible consulting and construction services.


ADA Accessibility Surveys:
We analyze Barriers, and provide recommended solutions, and itemized budget costs. If your business has had a complaint filed against it for non-compliance, we can assist in providing a plan of solutions to resolving it.

Accessibility Design Reviews:
We will review preliminary designs and construction documents. 

Accessibility in the Due Diligence Process:
We can help in the due diligence process when purchasing a building for potential liabilities. Poor accessibility decreases the long term value of a building. Remember that ADA law requires owners of public accommodations to improve accessibility over time as funds are available and is based upon what is "readily achievable".

Our Accessible Construction services:
At SIZ Construction we attempt to make practical accessible modifications to help you maintain a maximum level of independence and enhance your ability to live in your home or work at your business for as long as you wish, without the worry of moving as your needs change.

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Myron Rosner-Our President was involved in a construction accident in Aug 2001 and has been confined to a wheelchair since.

“My life and that of my Family was completely altered in a matter of seconds. As a builder I was already aware of the requirements for ADA Compliance but never realized until I was in a chair myself how people really don’t get it. What appears on paper may look practical but in practicality does not actually work.”

Through this unfortunate experience, Myron found a need and has acquired the knowledge necessary to successfully perform accessibility improvements and barrier removal. Myron has not let his injury stop him and he has listened to his Wife and kids to "never give up".

Myron thru his family's support has become involved in many personal hobbies, such as, building an Accessible Boat with a lift, waterskiing, modifying a Boss Hoss motorcycle trike, playing wheelchair tennis, swimming, and riding his three wheeled bicycle.